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The Taj Hotel

Our hotel is located in the heart of Misurata city overlooking Tripoli Street, where it is a vital location near the most important facilities of the city, close to the taxi station and near the western and the eastern entrances of the city,

The hotel has 78 apartments divided into seven floors designed in a high-style with attractive decorations will absolutely captivate your heart from the outset, all the apartments are provided with the safest and the most comfort appliances, to ensure that you spend the finest moments of your life in our hospitality, our hotel has a variety of apartments of diversified sizes and designs, will definitely satisfy all your tastes, there is a private underground parking designed according to international safety standards. The hotel provides the parking service totally free for all guests, ensuring a full safety and care for your cars.

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Different photos from inside the hotel

Apartments and accessories

Special Rooms

Our hotel offers many types of apartments designed specifically for your comfort and satisfying all your needs.

VIP apartments

We also have spacious and large VIP apartments that will evoke all your family's emotions provide a great place to rest and relax as sweet as honey.

charming view

Our hotel offers a charming view of the city from all sides to enjoy the beautiful views from our distinctive wide windows.

Event hall

We proudly have a studio for new grooms and special birthdays with all the arrangements and coordination needed from modern decorations to the most elegant flower bouquets to spend the most wonderful celebrations of your dreams.

Presidential apartments

We have also a Presidential apartments for businessmen and diplomatic personalities where we provide you the finest and most luxurious offers at very reasonable prices.

majestic restaurant

You can enjoy the most delightful meals at our majestic restaurant, where you will find a sumptuous breakfast buffet with a wide variety of options from the marvelous Arab cuisine to the finest modern foods passing through the flavored Italian Pizza ending with an assorted fast food and so many sweetmeats that will taste Superb.

The hotel provides the parking service totally free for all guests, ensuring a full safety and care for your cars.


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